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"America's Favorite" Intuitive Liaison

Following a profoundly challenging period in her life, Carla Mae realized she was gifted with a powerful sense of intuition and the ability to connect to those on the other side. 


This realization led her to start her career. Although she began with small one-on-one sessions, through word of mouth, Carla's audience quickly grew to read for hundreds at a time in large gatherings, over the radio and TV. 


Before hosting her TV Show "Messages," Carla Mae had proven to be a fantastic rating boost time and again in radio, personal appearances, and print. 


Carla Mae has devoted over two decades to helping people gain closure and understanding about life and their loved ones crossing and assisting those needing guidance in their spiritual journey. 

AW Pantoja Show

Carla Mae first gained national recognition by guest appearing weekly on Young Country's "AW Pantoja Show," Soon after, AW made her his "Official Psychic" with many listeners waiting on hold for up to an hour to talk with her. Carla then hosted her own radio show "Continuing Connections" while guest appearing on radio shows and performing live audience appearances from coast to coast.

Watch Videos with Carla Mae

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