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Over the centuries there have been many interpretations of what angels are. Here I am going to give you an awareness of what they are and their purpose.

The dictionary defines angels as:" a spiritual being believed to act as an attendant or messenger of God, conventionally represented as being of human form with wings and possessing great kindness and virtue."

Now in the spiritual world there are realms. These realms consist of 5 main forces which control the universal laws, they are.

1. Spirit World: 
When we pass over we pass into the spirit world or astral plane. We go through readjustment of finding out where we went wrong or how well we handled tests given to us. So when you communicate with the spirit realm these beings are not fully enlightened as yet, so you need to be aware they could be confused and their knowledge is limited to their own families or events. They are allowed to give us certain information as long as they have permission from the angels and it doesn't interfere with our destiny or tests. If they try to divulge too much information the angels will sever their communication straight away.

2. Angelic Realm: 
Now in the angelic realm we have been told they have three triads I will detail these for your information.

The First Triad

Seraphim - 
Said to represent the highest order of angels in the pseudo-Dionysian hierarchic scheme and generally also in Jewish lore. The seraphim surround the throne of Glory and are known as the holy, holy, holy. They are said to be angels of love, light and fire. The ruling princes of the order have been given variously as Seraphiel, Jophiel, Metatron, Michael and originally as Satan. They are said to roar like lions.

Cherubim - 
In the name as well as in concept, the cherubim are Assyrian or Akkadian in origin. The word means "one who prays" or "one who intercedes," Also to mean knowledge. They symbolised God's highest and chiefest potencies, sovereignty, and goodness. They are the first angels mentioned in the Old Testament. They guarded with flaming sword the tree of life and Eden, hence their designation as the "flame of whirling swords." The cherubim are also known as chariots or wheels or the order hayyoth (holy beasts) Chief rulers are Ophaniel, Rikbiel, Cherubiel, Raphael, Gabriel, Zophiel and Satan. They are said to sound the 4 trumpets heralding the apocalypse. They are angels of light, glory, and keepers of the celestial records, the cherubim excel in knowledge. Thrones They rank 3rd in the 1st triad of the celestial hierarchy. The ruling prince of this angelic order is variously given as Oriphiel, Zabkiel, Zaphkiel, they are known as many-eyed ones. They bring Gods justice to bear upon us.


The Second Triad

Dominions - 
They are said to regulate angel duties and are perpetually aspiring to true lordship. Through them the majesty of god is manifested. They are also known as lords and dominations. They inhabit the level where the spiritual and physical planes begin to merge and are said to regulate the duties of angelic choirs below them. Chief of the order is given as Hashmal or Zadkiel. Virtues The principal duty of the virtues is to work miracles on earth. They are said to be the chief bestowals of grace and valour. Among the ruling princes of the order are Michael, Raphael,Barbiel, Uzziel, Peliel and originally Satan. They inspire valour in heroes and grace in saints.

Powers - 
Known as the Lords hosts. The principal task of the powers is to see to it that order is imposed on the heavenly pathways. They are said to stop the efforts of demons who would overthrow the world. They are also known as divine logos, creative power, sovereign power, mercy, legislation, and punitive power. Camael is commonly designated chief.


The Third Triad

They are known as protectors of religion and watchers over the leaders of people, they help leaders make right decisions. They are also known as the elohim. The chief ruling angels of the order are Requel, Anael, Haniel, Cerviel, Nisroc.


Archangels - 
The ruling seven are known as Uriel, Raguel, Michael, Seraqael, Gabriel, Haniel, Raphael. The ruling prince is either known as Michael or Raphael. They are known as messengers bearing divine decrees from high.


Angels - 
The word angel derives from angiras (Sanskrit), a divine spirit also meaning courier, Greek meaning messenger. A supernatural being intermediate between God and man. They are said to be most involved with humanity, guiding and protecting us. They can not interfere with our destinies.

So instead of trying to remember all these angel triads and who this one represents etc. how about going about it the simplest way. CALL ON THE LORDS OF FLAME AND LIGHT. These lords will delegate an appropriate angel to help us with our plight. Now angels cannot interfere with our destinies they are known as the Gatekeepers. They can open doorways to other realms allowing these realms to help us with our day to day lives.

3. Devic Kingdom:

This represents Mother Deva This realm is also known as the Arch High. They are responsible for creation with God. The Deva's are the guardians of the elements, spirits and humankind. They live among us, with their abilities lying dormant until humankind has reached a certain stage of evolution and at that time they will guide the element and further our spiritual development.

The last time their abilities were awakened was in the continent known in history as Lemuria, where humankind was said to originally evolved. They destroyed the concept of Lemuria to allow human kind to develop freewill and evolve of their own accord. Some of the knowledge of Lemuria was taken to Atlantis. E.g. controlling forces of nature, telepathy, clairvoyance, communication with the arch high was stopped due to the Atlantean using this knowledge for personal gain (greed) to rule others, which was not the purpose of these abilities; they bought about their own destruction by misusing the element. It has taken all this time for us to begin once again to understand the true meaning of oneness which is nature in her full glory. How to work as one with the Lords of Flame and Light, Angel guides, spirits and elements of nature and cosmic forces. The oneness is known as the cosmic consciousness. So from communication with nature or by the way


Mother Deva helps us with prophecy to do with our planet as anything that would affect planet Earth is known by the Devas.


4. Cosmic consciousness:

This applies to the universe as distinct from just planet earth. So the big picture can be ascertained from this consciousness and all other realms are ruled by the cosmic consciousness. So once you have connected with this consciousness you then can reach the oneness

5. Oneness this is when all 4 realms work in unison.

Authors Details: Christine Williamson

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