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Faqs and the Truth about Psychic Stuff

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Intuition and psychic mean the same thing. Our inner knowing, intuitive sense, or gut feeling is what we are born with to keep us heading in the right direction or safe. It is the same thing as instinct in animals. 

Unfortunately, the word psychic has been shanghai-ed by criminals masquerading as intuitive to scam money from needful people. 


It is our sixth sense that tells us when something is not correct. Regardless of whom you are listening to for advice, follow your gut feeling above all else. If it doesn't feel right, it's not right for you.

Praying Over Rocks, Crystals, Charms, Etc.

I cannot see a situation where prayer hurt anything. However, if someone tells you that you must pay someone hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars so they can "pray, "make a charm or charge a crystal for you - You are being scammed. 

Should I See an Intuitive about my Health Issue?

I have indeed answered many questions over the years about people's health. I am not a doctor. It would be best if you always defer to your physician. 

While in Session with Carla Mae

While in session with Carla Mae, Keep an open mind. Take lots of notes! Many times she receives messages from clients sometimes years after a session, commenting that all the many things mentioned from the other side happened. Take those notes and keep them where you can refer back to them! 

What is the Difference Between a Psychic/Intuitive and a Psychic/Intuitive medium?

What is the difference between a Psychic Medium and an Intuitive?

Everyone is born with psychic or intuitive abilities. They mean the same thing. A medium has the added natural ability to communicate with the other side

Channeling means listening to the other side and translating emotions, thoughts, and images to our dimension. Although everyone is born with the ability to channel, a professional Medium can do it on command and understand what is happening. Did you know many great composers channeled their music? 

How Could a Session with Carla Mae Help your Life? 


I once had a person ask me what a person on the other side could tell a client that a living person couldn't. There's no negativity or motive on the other side. Those are human issues. Messages are meant for healing and love. If your channeled loved one makes a suggestion, you might want to pay attention. Maybe not if it's coming from your neighbor. 

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