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When we work with meditation in our lives it can help us to heal ourselves through relieving stress, making us feel more relaxed and helping us to enjoy living our lives in a balanced and creative way.

Meditation teaches us how to become aware. We have been living a life where we are always running around too busy to just stop for a minute and find focus - because of this we have become caught up in the head always thinking and worrying about the future and not spending any time living in the present. We miss out on so much of our present lives and the joy and fun we could be having because we worry about the future.

When we learn to meditate, we learn to control our stress levels and learn to really relax the mind and body. We start to feel less stressed, which makes us easier to get along with our family, friends and our work mates. With meditation, we learn to bring back focus in our lives and this focus helps us to make the right decisions that we need for our happiness.

Meditation helps with sickness it promotes faster recovery. Meditation helps with anger, fear, worry, pain and emotional traumas from other people hurting you. Meditation helps you to get along with other people and learn to accept others. Meditation teaches you how to be strong without pushing others away. Meditation helps to bring prosperity back by helping you become motivated to act in your life. Meditation helps you to make right decisions. Meditation can mend a broken heart, fix a family feud and assist you to find friends and new loves in your lives.

How? By showing you how to be aware of your present life and help you see where your life is not working. Meditation offers the gift of peace and calmness that helps you bring back your centre and when we are functioning from our centre, our lives become transformed. Meditation is when you allow the mind to rest and go quiet. When our bodies are worked really hard, we get aches and pains. We need to rest the body so it can recuperate from the stress and physical strain we have put onto it. If we don't our bodies can become ill. When this happens we are forced to take it easy. With our minds we are always thinking, even in sleep the mind is working because most of us dream while we are asleep. The dreams are usually all the unconscious fears coming to the surface from our conscious fears. However, with meditation we can slow the mind down and relax it to such a level that it gets the chance to have a good rest. After practice you will be able to stop the thoughts altogether for a short time. In times of stress and serious illness we are constantly worried, and that puts pressure on our mind and our bodies that is no good. These two factors can lead to even more illness and more stress. Just imagine if we rest our mind through meditation we are allowing whatever problem's that are present in our body to heal themselves without the added stress of constantly worrying about them.

Meditation is so easy that even young children can practice meditation. This would be beneficial to children who are going through problems at school. We have to learn how to slow the mind and her thinking down. When we can do this, we are able to instill within ourselves a sense of peace and harmony. We are also able to open our chakras and energy centers up properly, so that they function appropriately. Music is a type of meditation. Music has this ability to slow our thought process down. Dancing is a form of meditation. Painting, drawing, writing. All these are forms of meditations. All forms of exercise are forms of meditations also. When we stop thinking, and place focus on something that gives us joy, we start to truly listen to what is going on within ourselves. We are able to hear our higher mind and our inner child. We learn how to listen to our body and what she has to say. If something is off balance or not right, we are able to talk to our bodies and find out exactly what is the problem.

Authors Details: Leonie Faye

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