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Carla Mae: Emotion Code
Certified Practitioner

I was born with a higher level of intuition and have been a professional Medium for over twenty years. I have been connecting clients to their loved ones and higher selves all over the world through my psychic mediumship abilities and bringing closure and healing to people through that healing.


I went to an Emotion Code Practitioner myself for healing and knew it was something I had to learn. My years as a medium have prepared me for this work and it is fairly easy and fast for me to connect to my clients subconscious or higher self.


Many times in my sessions, loved one from the other side help me and offer their guidance and love to my clients while we release trapped emotions. It is a beautiful combination of healing in two unique ways blended into one session.


  Addictions,Allergies,Anger,To Help Animals, Anxiety, Arthritis,Asthma,Autism,Bullying,Cancer,Children and Teens,Chronic Fatigue,Creativity,Depression,Diabetes,Digestive Issues,Family Issues,Fibromyalgia,Headaches / Migraines,Hormone or Gland Problems,Infertility,Insomnia,Love,Mental Health,Phobias,Pain - Back,Pain - Generalized,Pain - Hip,Pain - Knee,Pain - Neck,PTSD,Sexual health,Sleep,Success,Weight

Words of Wisdom

I cannot see a situation where prayer hurt anything. However, if you are being told that you must pay someone hundreds, or maybe thousands of dollars so they can "pray" for you, in any shape form or fashion, to release you from harm, of any shape form or fashion, you are being lied to and scammed.


Does this sound reasonable or rational to you? You need to follow your own intuition to deal with your situation.


NO ONE and I mean NO ONE, can do something for you better than you can do for yourself, and that includes prayer. Common sense is just as important to you as your eyesight, use them both. God gave you both types of sight to help you through this world.

Hours of Operation

My office hours are between 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST. Messages can always be left with a return phone call by early evening or next day.

Session Type

In Person, Email, Telephone.


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