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"I read most of these books, early in my spiritual path. A few, I still refer to now and then. I have heard it said on more than one occasion, "there is no new spiritual information." Maybe not. But I do believe, spirit sends us a new version of what we need to hear, when we need it. Each of the following books or movies has touched my life in one way or another....perhaps they will touch yours too!"

Complete Conversations with God 
by Neale Donald Walschz

"An absolute must in my opinion for anyone wishing to understand spirituality and how it all works in our life, read the whole series."

Crossing Over: The Stories Behind the Stories 
by John Edward

"John Edward is a real person. God Bless him, without his influence, my life would look drastically different. I recommend anything he does."

Healing With The Angels 
by Doreen Virtue

"Doreen relays the information about the universe and numbers. I found, once the angels start talking to you in this way, you will never look at a clock at a regular time again!" 

The Sacred Magic of the Angels 
by David Goddard

"I have written many letters to the Archangels using the petition information in this book. It is fabulous to realize the angels really do send signs to us! This book literally jumped into my arms one day at the book store, and I am glad it did."

Animal Speak: The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small 
by Ted Andrews

"At one point, I kept this book with me at all times. You never know when a message may come to you through a cougar (in the suburbs) or a fox may show up in your yard. It is amazing to me how appropriate each of those sightings were to me, in my life, at that time."

What is Lightbody? 
by Tashira Tachi-ren

"In a reading once, a medium told me that this book was like a manual to me. She had no idea my copy was falling apart from my constant reading - just weeks after purchasing it! It can be a little out there, but for all of us Lightworkers here, there is priceless information in it, to assist in our awakening."

We Don't Die: George Anderson's Conversations with the Other Side 
by Joel Martin

"Years before I ever really knew much about mediumship or anything psychic related, I was given a copy of this book. My brother had crossed away years before and I was hungry to know what might be happening with him. It was my very first experience with anything connected to mediumship. I suggest you get a full box of kleenex when you sit to read it."

What Dreams May Come: A Novel 
by Richard Matheson

"I saw the movie first. It is the closest picture to the other side, that I have seen here on earth. I literally wept when I watched it. Describing pictures that I see in my head is hard for me sometimes, this movie is so close to what I see, it is unbelievable. With the exception of the pictures depicted of hell, when Annie kills herself and ends up in hell...those are hollywood scenes to add the required shock and drama for a big movie - the rest is pure spirit. I have recommended this movie and book for twelve years and never tire of either one. If you are grieving for someone, watch this movie, with lots of kleenex. As for the book, it was actually channelled by a spirit to a psychic that didn't know she was a medium, a long time before mediumship was fashionable. Fascinating."

Below is the trailer for What Dreams May Come - Youtube version.

The Instruction: Living the Life Your Soul Intended 
by Ainslie MacLeod

"I don't read a lot of spiritually based books much anymore, it's a little too much like being at work. However, a friend recommended it and although it is a bit simplistic for me, I think someone just beginning to understand spirituality would gain a great deal from it. It speaks to the masses when the masses are ready to listen, sounds like spirit to me."

Believing in Paradise
by Carla Mae

'I channelled this story almost word for word within a month time period in spring of 2002. I was going through a difficult time in my life and spirit had put me in "time out" from doing sessions. The story just started flowing through my head one morning and I started writing it down. I would type until I heard no more, then read what I had transcribed...stunned at what I was reading. It is not so much an instructional book, just a little story I wrote down and ultimately self published in book form. Who knew?'

"Kryon is a wonderful energy that actually has participated in many of my group readings over the years. A great source for anyone, especially those on their spiritual path. I highly recommend reading or listening to the channellings on this site. I like listening to them as meditation...I did not know that channelled messages were added to this sight until late last year. Spirit suggested I read them, and what a coincidence, they sounded very similar to what I had been feeling and telling clients. Some times we intuitive's need validation that they haven't strayed off the strawberry field too!"

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