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"Thank you for my reading a couple of weeks ago:

Honestly, the session with you was very REAL. I started tearing up and getting emotional
when you described my situation with my spouse, and how it has been very difficult. 

The tension that is in my house is not good for me or my children. You are right. 

We have come to the end of our relationship. My angels have been telling me this for about 3 years, 
but I have tried to work at "us" getting better, and it has not gotten better. 

I do believe there is someone out there that will be a better match for me, 
and will support my strong-willed, independent ways.

My children are exactly how you described them. The oldest is very detailed and strategic.

The middle is very sensitive and sincere. And my baby, a hippie at heart, with 
an ability to light up any room she walks in. Thank you for checking in with 
my dad, grandma and aunt. I am glad there are together and that things are okay.

I love them all, and miss them very much.
As I move forward chanting....I will also be thanking you for your insight"

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