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One of the hardest things to accomplish in life is to be grateful for absolutely everything that happens to you. Even simple everyday setbacks might seem like the world is working against you rather than with you.

We've all heard when it rains, it pours, and the snowball effect. It simply means if you focus on the bad, then the bad will become the focus of the situation.

Let's look at a job loss. It might seem like the end of your world when you lose a job. More times than not, there is a better job around the corner. Or, perhaps it might be the catalyst for pushing you to go back and finish those few classes to get your long desired degree.

The challenge in life is to look beyond the pain to the positives that inevitably accompany any loss. There is always a "silver lining" to every situation. By forcing yourself to commit to seeing the good in every and every situation that comes your way, you retrain yourself to see the good and, by doing so, attract more of it.

Think of it as a new exercise plan. At first, you have to make yourself do it. Do it enough times, and you will start to naturally flow into seeing the positive perspective and let the negative fall away. Before long, you will begin to be grateful for even the harshest of situations, and that renewed outlook on life will bring you more and more extraordinary situations!

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I never know what kind of reading my client is going to get before a reading happens!

Psychic Mediums are very much like radios. We can pick up messages, but we can't do much to tune those particular signals to suit our customers desires. However, in a session if that one person on the other side or maybe information about a particular upcoming event in their life hasn't already come thru, then, we can try to focus on that energy and sometimes information will come in.

It's sometimes like going to a counselor and thinking you were going to focus on one issue. Yet, they take you down an entire path of focus because they can see the situation the initially brought you to them is coming from another direction entirely. Similar situations often happen in readings. Not because I think they need to focus on another area, but many times my clients loved ones, and guardian angels can see they need guidance in a completely different subject.

My standing advice is to take copious notes with a fully open mind. Our guardian angel, also our subconscious minds, know exactly what we need to focus on. Our loved ones, on the other side, do too. So if a reading ever takes a detour into another subject, usually one you don't want to talk about, then its a sure sign, you are struggling with that area of your life and need a wider perspective. These side paths usually end up being the gold nuggets of the reading and just what my client needed!

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Updated: Mar 8, 2022

I was seven. I was standing on the blacktop at my elementary school. All the other kids were running, playing, enjoying their freedom, and it felt foreign to me. Intuitively, I knew life was about so much more.

The kids had it right. Life ultimately is about finding your joy. Not someone else's version of happiness. Not the bubbling deliriousness that you see on marketing ads. I'm talking personal bliss.

Joy is an internal jewel. We might have to look hard to find it, especially in the upheaval that the last few years have brought to our reality. Yet, it's always there.

One question I am asked repeatedly in sessions is, "What is my purpose here?" More times than not, the answer is self-related. "Be happy." "Find your joy." Be a smiling example for your kids." I don't recall one time relaying, "Get that, Porsche." "Upsize your life." "End world suffering." No. It's simple mundane answers that leave my clients wholly baffled. Like an expanding balloon, life in all directions improves when we decide to see the positive light in every situation.

If you are reading this blog and wondering how to stop being depressed, tired, broke, lost, etc. Start small. Flip your mind's script and start forcing yourself to see the positive in everything. Sharpen your perspective until you see the beauty in every situation. Challenge yourself with everything you experience. Faster than you believe it can happen, your life will start to radiate with vibrant energy, and bliss will be yours!

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