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Readings and boxes of chocolates...

I never know what kind of reading my client is going to get before a reading happens!

Psychic Mediums are very much like radios. We can pick up messages, but we can't do much to tune those particular signals to suit our customers desires. However, in a session if that one person on the other side or maybe information about a particular upcoming event in their life hasn't already come thru, then, we can try to focus on that energy and sometimes information will come in.

It's sometimes like going to a counselor and thinking you were going to focus on one issue. Yet, they take you down an entire path of focus because they can see the situation the initially brought you to them is coming from another direction entirely. Similar situations often happen in readings. Not because I think they need to focus on another area, but many times my clients loved ones, and guardian angels can see they need guidance in a completely different subject.

My standing advice is to take copious notes with a fully open mind. Our guardian angel, also our subconscious minds, know exactly what we need to focus on. Our loved ones, on the other side, do too. So if a reading ever takes a detour into another subject, usually one you don't want to talk about, then its a sure sign, you are struggling with that area of your life and need a wider perspective. These side paths usually end up being the gold nuggets of the reading and just what my client needed!

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