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Reiki Healing

When taught properly with love, dedication and commitment Reiki will transform your life for the better. Reiki is a form of Spiritual energy that was rediscovered by a wonderful man named Dr Usui in the early nineteenth century.


He was searching for healing that could work with humans on the physical level. However, what he did discover was a formula for healing both the body and the spirit. Dr Usui was the founder of The Reiki being taught today. Dr Usui believed that there was more to life than what he had been taught. He understood the teachings of the bible and of Buddhism but he believed there was more that he could learn. He travelled in search of this wisdom. Eventually he ended up meditating on a mountain for twenty-one days.


On the 21st day he was hit with a beam of light that struck him on his forehead. This was the light of awakening.

This light opened him to the parallels and different dimensions where beings of great wisdom and knowledge lived. These beings knew that he was looking for a formula and wisdom that could help people to heal in a natural way. They say that these beings showed him sacred symbols that were written in ancient Sanskrit. They showed him what these symbols represented when applied on a spiritual level. They then attuned him to the powers of Reiki. On that day, Dr Usui brought the power of the universe down to the children of Mother Earth. Heaven had connected to earth. From that day on, the power of the great awakening had begun.

They say that when he made his way down the mountain he tripped and fell, hurting his ankle. Instinctively he placed his hands on his ankle and immediately the swelling and pain went down. That was the first miracle of Reiki.


Making his way to a tavern, he sat down and asked for a large bowl of food. For twenty-one days he had fasted, and eating a large amount of food straight away would be harmful to him. However, when he ate, nothing happened. That was the second miracle of Reiki.

At the tavern, the owner's daughter was in great pain because of a toothache. Dr Usui's hands began to get warm and he asked her if he could place his hands on the area that was causing her pain. As soon as he did this the pain vanished. This was the third miracle of Reiki.

Dr Usui now believed without a doubt that something had taken place up there on the mountain. Dr Usui spent the rest of his life working with people, doing healings and teaching other Masters and students how to work with Reiki. He did not have any real format or structure, it was Dr Hayashi who gave it it's format and structure and then passed it on to Takarta who took Reiki out to the world. Since then the power of Reiki has grown and evolved with the passing down of the Reiki. With each student and new Master, the Reiki energy grows and awakens even more wisdom and knowledge that has been denied us for so long.

Reiki First Degree

Reiki is both hands on healing and also absentee healing. When Reiki is applied with dedication and commitment miracles can and do happen. When working with Reiki energy on a person you find that you can lower stress within their body. Stress is the major factor for illness in our society today. Stress and worry can cause the mind to break down which can cause illness to the body.

With Reiki hands on healing, we are able to help a person lower their stress levels, which in turn helps them to control their level of worry, fear and stress and when we do that, a person is able to think straight and focus on positive outcomes in their lives. Have you notice that when you are at peace with your personal world illness does not invade you as much as when you are worried or stressed out? Reiki healings can provide that level of healing to improve your life. When someone is diagnose with a serious and life threatening illness there is a real fear and a sense of failure within themselves. You begin to feel like life has betrayed you in some way. With Reiki we are able to help a person feel good about themselves, to help them combat the fear and worry. Reiki will relax them and open them up on both a physical and spiritual level. Reiki helps you to believe that your life is worthy. When your confidence is high and your levels of stress, worry and fear are regulated then you are able to fight the illness with more confidence. When some illnesses can not be healed because a disease has taken over and death is imminent Reiki can help. Reiki can heal the soul and teach the person to accept death. This can make dying a less painful event. We believe the soul lives forever and Reiki can help the person come to terms with the dying process and even bring an inner sense of peace. At the point that the soul leaves the body at death, Reiki can guide the soul to the light and into the higher levels and dimensions, which aid a person through the rebirth process.

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