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What is a medium and how do they differ from psychics? 

Many people have this question. In short a medium raises their energy in order to connect with those in the afterlife. The medium should be able to give you enough information during the reading to make you feel comfortable that they are connected with someone you recognize.

A psychic usually connects with YOUR psychic energy and gives you a glimpse of the future. It is true that a medium does use psychic ability, which is really just another term for energy. In our society however, it has come to be, that the word psychic is more connected with those who foretell the future. It becomes even more confusing because many professionals do both! Just try to remember a medium connects with spirit in the afterlife and psychics usually tell you about you and your future


What is the purpose of seeking out a medium? 

The most common reason to seek out a medium is to connect with those who have passed on, in order to receive comfort. Those who are grieving are reassured that their loved ones do indeed go on into the next reality. It can by no means take away all the loss felt by those in grief, but it can at least give some the peace of mind to know that their loved ones are ok! I have witnessed many, many profoundly healing readings.

Can this truly be done on the telephone or on the Internet? 

Yes! As stated above, the medium is dealing with energy, which travels very quickly and has no boundaries.

Is the Medium always successful? 
No. Mediumship is not a 100% thing. Those in spirit control much of the communication; so all the reasons for this are not entirely evident to us. There are many variables involved. Some spirits connect better with one medium than another; mediums have good and bad days. Etc.

Is mediumship a gift possessed by only a few people? 

This is a common misconception. We all have psychic ability and we all can learn to develop our mediumship skills. Some may be naturally more inclined to it however. I like to compare it to playing the piano. We can all learn to do it, yet some are naturally more inclined toward it. If a person sets out to develop their ability and sticks with it, they can develop their own mediumship abilities.

How can I tell if a medium is ethical? 

This is a very important question to ask yourself before seeking out a medium. The main point to remember is that Intent is everything! The universal question to ask is this: Does this professional seek to help me or help himself more? The answer to this question will allow you to see their true nature. The medium's first responsibility is to show you that such communication is possible. The second responsibility of the medium is to show you that you too possess this ability and that your loved one is around you always. Ethical mediums will not take advantage of those in grief by allowing them to return over and over again. Ethical mediums will also not hesitate to provide you with references from clients nor will they be offended if you ask for references.

Why do Mediums charge? 
Many mediums begin by offering free readings. As they progress in their ability, the need arises to devote more time to mediumship and clients. To do this they often need to quit their paying jobs and begin charging for readings. Ethical mediums charge what they feel is necessary to make it possible to continue in their work.

How often should I have a reading? 
The answer to this question varies. While it is nice to connect with our loved ones on the other side, it is important to remember that we are presently living in this reality. As stated above, the medium is there to assist you in your understandings, not to become a permanent link to the other side.

How Can I learn to connect with those in spirit? 
As we become more aware of ourselves as spiritual beings, the interest in the afterlife increases. If one seeks to learn more about mediumship and the afterlife there are many avenues available through books and on the Internet. The phrase that comes to mind here is, "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."

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