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Kundalini Energy

Kundalini energy awakening cannot be escaped. In 1932, Carl Jung told his colleagues the awakening was rare in the West. But he believed the knowledge and use of the force was paramount to understanding the nature of man. Much has changed in the decades since Jung's bold hypothesis.

Now, as we stand at the threshold of a new millennium, we see evidence that the awakening is indeed happening. Even in the West, the nature of the kundalini energy awakening and its purpose is being revealed daily as science and religion begin to overcome their long-standing enmity and enter a more peaceful coexistence.

Ironically, the kundalini energy awakening is an extension of the oldest and most basic function of any life form -- the ability to reproduce self. Even as we profess to understand the reproductive process, our twentieth-century scientific knowledge must turn to spiritual philosophies for a deeper understanding of the awakening. This kundalini energy awakening is not the sexual awakening rooted in the physical maturation process. Rather, the awakening is spiritual, and it is rooted in an inner urge to create with thought.

In the East, they speak of Kundalini, a word that is not yet a part of the American vernacular. It derives its name from a Hindu goddess, Kundala, which means coiled, which is why she is often symbolized as a serpent. Kundalini is the creative energy that initiates puberty. It is the energy required to create and manifest a physical body, or a child.

Procreation, however, is not mankind's destiny in the use of this energy. Instead of the energy being channeled out into the physical to unite a sperm and an egg to create a physical body, the Kundalini energy can be directed toward Enlightenment of the spirit. When used for this purpose, those energies, those creative juices, are channelled up the spine and to the head, producing a spiritual awakening. In the Vedas, this flow of chemical juices is called soma; in the Bible it is referred to as Euphrates; for the alchemist, it was the rosa.

Channeling the Kundalini down the spine creates a physical body for a newly incarnated child. At its zenith, when the Kundalini is channeled upward toward the highest centers of the brain, it creates the birth of the mystical child. This is the Greek story of Persephone and the serpent.

It's the Biblical story of Mary and the virgin birth. It's the birth of Horace, conceived by God and borne by Isis. The birth of the mystical child is described in all spiritual literature throughout the world and it is the quest of all spiritual devotees who choose physical celibacy, be they Catholic nuns or Buddhist monks.

This metaphysical birth is the awakening. The mystical child's arrival is foretold in experiences of the spirit. These mystical experiences are extraordinary, spiritual in composition and far beyond the psychic. They portend the awakening of the Kundalini energy. You might have had such an experience during your life without knowing its significance. For instance, there may have been moments when you had a sense of urgency. This urgency was not about something that you needed to be doing at a certain time. It was a sense of urgency within you that arose, perhaps compelling you to speak to someone, or to touch someone, to go somewhere for a purpose that you didn't consciously know until you actually arrived. Or perhaps you've experienced a sense of duty, a sense of obligation, a sense of having a mission; something very important that you are here to accomplish. And a great desire to give to something larger than yourself, your family, your neighbors, even your country.

Mystical experiences are characterized by new awarenesses which are universally applicable. They touch our hearts, our minds, our souls, and transform our entire spirit. From that day forward nothing is ever the same again. For many women, the birth of a child produces this. There's pure ecstasy accompanying the pain of the arrival of a child. At that moment the consciousness is aligned, the entire being is filled with love, and a mystical experience arrives. Because the Self is consumed with love during the mystical experience, the awakened state is highly valued and devoutly desired. Beyond spontaneous and unpremeditated stirrings, Kundalini energy can be understood and it can be directed at will. However, it cannot be bought or bestowed, and it will not be forced. For the ill-prepared, the rising of the Kundalini brings states of disorientation and confusion, even madness whether temporary or prolonged.

Some people try to force the awakening through the use of drugs or by chemically altering the physical body so that the brain is affected, thus producing hallucinations or visions or an altering of consciousness. But as soon as the drug wears off, the body reaches to restore its natural chemistry. Many times these chemicals actually cause disconnections in the nervous system of the brain with lingering and sometimes permanent effects.

Drugs are not a means for inducing mystical experience. Others believe a mystical experience can be prompted by hypnosis. Though it can be very effective for therapy, trying to produce a mystical experience with hypnosis is to the mind what a drug is to the body. Hypnosis, at best, depends upon some type of intervention for what needs to be a direct experience, and at worst is artificially influenced pretense. It is not an effective way to stimulate the Kundalini energy.

Some people use mantras, and although mantras give the mind a focal point and cause the whole Self to vibrate at a certain level, there is a time for stillness in the mind so that a complete experience can be received. Focusing the mind prepares it for the awakening; stilling the mind IS the awakening. Guided meditation is very similar to the mantra experience because, although it can influence you to have a certain kind of awareness and a certain attunement with the Self, the true mystical experiences are the ones achieved when alone, totally in solitude. Jesus instructed his disciples to go into their closets and pray. He didn't say to pray out in the street or in groups. He said go into your closet; go into solitude. Just as the sexual awakening arrives relative to but independent of external factors, so it is true of the spiritual awakening.

The kundalini energy awakening is an enlightened state of consciousness, a sacred state of being, arising from within the Self. For this reason, during the mystical experience there is a sense of an altering of time and space. Often what springs from this is the ability for precognition. This foresight may arise in visions or through inclinations; sometimes it is revealed in nighttime dreams. Precognition is one of the advantages, one of the rewards, of spiritual transcendence.

Authors Details: Dr. Barbara Condron

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